Types of Braces



Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need braces?

Need is a relative term. One person’s needs are another person’s wants and another persons I don’t care. If you are looking to maximize health and aesthetics then orthodontics is right for you. It is a rare person who is born with perfectly aligned teeth. In some cases, damage to teeth and supporting structures can occur if treatment is not pursued.

What should I expect while I have braces?

There are certain dietary restrictions. Some foods, such as hard, sticky and chewy foods, can have an adverse effect on braces.Popcorn is a very big no-no. The husks can work their way between the gum and the braces to cause painful infections. You will need to be seen for adjustments every month.

What happens when my orthodontic treatment is complete?

Retainers. Retainers must be worn according to the needs of the patient. Dr. Stoner does not believe that permanent retention is necessary when the teeth are properly positioned.

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